Welcome to the website of Laurent Coulomb, french composer.

Laurent Coulomb was born in 1977 in Montpellier. He started learning music theory and taking piano lessons within private tuition. In parallel, he pursued prestigious higher studies in Human Science at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Strasbourg, passed a Master degree and then obtained the highest qualification rank as a Professor of History. These led him to obtain a position in teaching and research near Nice.

At the same time, he developed his musical training by working with certain musicians like the liturgical composer Patrick Lamon in Montpellier, the composer and organ player Ernest Bohn in Strasbourg and by taking composing lessons with Alan Belkin and Christian Manen. Laurent Coulomb was finally marked by a traditional French school of music from which had come Poulenc, Messiaen, Jolivet and Dutilleux.

However, the turning point was Laurent Coulomb’s meeting with René Maillard (Second Grand Prix de Rome in 1955) whose encouragement and advice pushed him to devote more and more time to composing. It was also thanks to Mr Maillard that Laurent was able to take lessons with the composer Nicolas Bacri who also gave much encouragement. Meanwhile he made the acquaintance of Marybel Dessagnes, a teacher of composition at the Cannes Conservatoire, who opened new creative horizons and enabled Laurent Coulomb to consolidate the basics of the “art” (Diploma of instrumental and vocal composition). He joined the association “Expressions 21” and the Society of French Authors and Composers (SACEM). He regularly works with theMaîtrise de Radio-France, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice, members of the Regional Orchestra of Cannes-Provence-Côte d'Azur, and with collectives of artists such as the Compagnie Divague or Une Bouteille à la mer. In 2016, he was a jury member for the International Harp Competition Martine-Géliot Young Talents. In 2020, he was a jury member for the international Concours français de la harpe.

It is therefore under the auspices of these three names – Maillard, Bacri, Dessagnes – all synonyms of rigor in writing, sharing of aesthetic emotion but also of a high level of requirement of contemporary Art that Laurent Coulomb desires to place his work.


Special thanks to Shahida Mounier for the translation.